Kleii Corp is an Asia leader in cloud solutions for communication services providers across the continental. Kleii Corp was founded in November 2011 by a team of Internet professional with a simple, powerful idea: Making people life simpler by using the inexhaustible resource from cloud computing technology.

Kleii is a cloud computing platform for storing, syncing and sharing digital content from anywhere and on any device. Kleii was built as a simple all-in-one integrated solution that enables people all over the world to store, sync and share their content securely over the Web, free from the constrains of device hardware type, it operating system or the type of file/software. This is the next evolution of the Web and the future of cloud computing development.

Kleii is not just another sync-n-share service. The Kleii Cloud Computing Platform allows applications and data “live and run” from the Kleii cloud instead of on the local hard drive. Kleii can be installed and seamlessly integrated into other operating systems or can be used within the browser. Kleii intends to keep opening up the platform, allowing everyone to enjoy the inexhaustible resource of cloud computing through its platform.

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